Butcher BBQ Liquid Brisket Injection

  • Butcher BBQ Liquid Brisket Injection (12 oz.)
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Butcher BBQ Liquid Brisket Injection

Butchers BBQ

The perfect liquid Brisket Injection! This has been used in plenty of competitions and come out the winner! If you are looking for a competition-quality pork injection this is what you need! This is not concentrated so no need to measure it out, just use as much as you desire and then reseal the lid for storage of the unused portion. 


  • 12 oz package

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What is vacuum marinating?

One of the best ways to marinate is to use a vacuum sealer bag and machine. You can place your marinade and your food inside of a bag and vac seal it. This is going to remove the air and pull the muscle fibers of the meat apart to let the marinade penetrate your meat faster and deeper. If you are using a chamberless machine you do have to be careful to prevent liquid from being sucked up into the vac machine.

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