Boning Knives - Body Guard Safety Handle

  • A Boning Knife with a Body Guard Safety Handle
  • The Body Guard Safety Handle on a Boning Knife
Shipping Weight:
0.40 LBS


Boning Knives - Body Guard Safety Handle

Giesser Messer

These Giesser Messer boning knives are designed with a body-guard safety handle that is super comfortable and slip-proof! They also have a finger loop that adds an extra layer of safety while cutting, slicing, and carving meat, and the hand-crafted blades are high-quality and long-lasting!


  • Available in 5" or 6"
  • Blades available in semi-stiff or stiff variants
  • Body Guard handle adds a finger loop to the handle to keep your hand from sliding up into the blade
  • Designed with superior comfort and a slip-proof handle made from a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material
  • Added safety features provide maximum safety when cutting, carving, and slicing
  • Hand-crafted quality and precision blade
  • Manufactured in Germany

How Are Giesser Messer Knives Made?

  • Blades are stamped from first class chrome-molybdenum steel
  • Latest high tech vacuum tempering process is used for hardening and creating an even blade and a lasting edge
  • Grinding of the blade is fully automatic and precise in step 1, then step 2 is performed by a master grinder, and finally step 3 in grinding is hand finished with precision unlike any other
  • Polishing is achieved by machine for a flawless and smooth finish with complete perfection to prevent rust on the blade and ultimately easier to clean
  • Handle are applied for the perfect and most ergonomic grip with a slip-proof finish, all of which meets international standards and regulations
  • Honing is finished and the blade is perfected by hand to complete the blade
  • Etching is added with the Giesser seal, product number, and individual serial numbers
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