Apple Wood Sawdust Chips

  • Apple Wood Sawdust Chips
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$13.99 - $54.99
Shipping Weight:
7.00 LBS


Apple Wood Sawdust Chips


Frantz uses specially designed dehydrating and dedusting processes to ensure that every bag we deliver contains only high-quality, clean, and dry product. 100% mesquite wood sawdust chips from Frantz specifically designed for use in commercial smoke generators and smokehouses, but also works great in smaller smokehouses, wood chip pans, and grills. Also available in hickory, apple, maple, and cherry flavors. Approximately 1/8in diameter.


  • Available in 5 or 40 lb bags
  • This product is designed for commercial smoke generators, but can also be used in chip pans
  • Approximately 1/8in diameter
  • Weight approximate because of drying wood
  • Other Available Flavors Are Hickory, Mesquite, Maple, and Cherry
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