ABS All-Star Smoker/Grill - 10in Wheels

  • ABS All-Star Smoker/Grill (10" wheels)
  • Inside an ABS All-Star Smoker/Grill with 10" Wheels
  • Angled view of an ABS All-Star Smoker/Grill (10" wheels)
  • Close-up of the side of an ABS All-Star Smoker/Grill with 10" wheels
  • Another angled view of an ABS All-Star Smoker/Grill (10" wheels)
  • Front of an ABS All-Star Smoker/Grill with 10" wheels
  • Inside an ABS All-Star Smoker/Grill (10" wheels)
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ABS All-Star Smoker

American Barbecue Systems

The American Barbecue Systems All-Star was designed with the backyard barbecue enthusiast in mind. Cooking with charcoal and the hardwood of your choice, with the All-Star you can create tasty barbecue and be the envy of the neighborhood. Smoke your favorite recipes using indirect heat on 3 Stainless steel smoking racks, giving you a total of over 1152 sq/in of smoking surface. Sear and grill your favorite entrees using direct heat on the 288 sq/in stainless steel grilling grate.

The full length firebox with damper between the smokebox allows for consistent heat and smoke throughout the cooking process. The Ash Removal Internal Rake System allows for safe and easy ash cleanout with no mess. All stainless steel cooking surfaces, work shelves, and condiment tray allows for fast, easy cleanups. With the capability of smoking and grilling, the All-Star’s versatility and size makes it the preferred choice with backyard barbecue enthusiasts.

Features & Specs:

  • Full length firebox for consistent heat in the smokebox
  • Insulator/Heat Shield in Firebox
  • 3 Dampers for precise control of heat and smoke
  • Large, easy read high-temperature gauge
  • Stainless steel, cool touch handles
  • Ash removal rake system allows safe, easy clean out with no mess
  • Painted with durable high-temp paint
  • Large smokebox door for easy access to smoking grates
  • Smokebox door has screw tight knobs for minimum loss of heat and smoke
  • Smokebox design accommodates (3) easy slide out, large Stainless steel grates for a total of over 1152 sq/in of smoking surface
  • Sear and grill meat on a 288 sq/in Stainless steel firebox grate
  • Efficient firebox design for low operating expense
  • Fire grate is made of heavy-duty expanded metal with 0.5in round rod frame for durability
  • Heavy-duty, durable door hinges
  • Large 1.5in brass ball valve for easy drainage of juices
  • 10in wheels on full length axle for easy handling
  • Large, removable, stainless steel condiment tray
  • Removable Stainless steel work shelves on front and side
  • Fabricated and welded by experienced professionals
  • Fabricated with new heavy gauge material for longevity
  • Made in the USA

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