8in Granton Edge Giesser Breaking Knife

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8" Granton Edge Giesser Breaking Knife

Giesser Messer

This 8" Granton Edge Breaking Knife from Giesser Messer is specially developed for butchers and packers who are constantly using their knives. It is built with an ergonomic handle that is made from a slip-proof plastic with a comfortable grip, for less stress on your hand, and flexibility that still retains a stable platform due to the hard core inside it! They are designed for continual use for long periods of time, are built to last, and are very easy to re-sharpen! Each knife is also individually serial numbered for easy identification and tracking, making it easy to keep track of whose knife is whose!


  • Granton Edge
  • German Quality
  • Antibacterial Sanitized Handle
  • Unique Serial Number on Every Blade
  • Soft Handle for Sure Grip


  • Knives have a hardness of 56.5 Rockwell degrees
  • Soft coat – hard core

How Are Giesser Messer Knives Made?

  • Blades are stamped from first class chrome-molybdenum steel
  • Latest high tech vacuum tempering process is used for hardening and creating an even blade and a lasting edge
  • Grinding of the blade is fully automatic and precise in step 1, then step 2 is performed by a master grinder, and finally step 3 in grinding is hand finished with precision unlike any other
  • Polishing is achieved by machine for a flawless and smooth finish with complete perfection to prevent rust on the blade and ultimately easier to clean
  • Handle are applied for the perfect and most ergonomic grip with a slip-proof finish, all of which meets international standards and regulations
  • Honing is finished and the blade is perfected by hand to complete the blade
  • Etching is added with the Giesser seal, product number, and individual serial numbers

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