7in x 12in Shrink Bags - 1000

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21.30 LBS
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13.00 x 9.50 x 16.25 (in)


7in x 12in Shrink Bags

Winpak Films

The perfect way to provide a crystal clear packaging method that forms around your product for perfect visual display, dramatically reducing unsightly bag tails on standard vacuum pouches and other competing shrink bags.


  • 42% MD and 50% TD thermal shrinkage at 4 seconds at 176° F
  • DuraShrink® is engineered for superior shrink performance, balancing a high shrink rate with a low shrink force
  • The high shrink rate allows for a close fitting and wrinkle-free package without product distortion
  • The bag forms closely to the product shape, reducing purge, and creating an attractive, wrinkle-free package
  • The balanced shrink along with the exceptional contact clarity of DuraShrink® provides customers with an attractive package, enhancing retail presentation
  • Low temperature shrink improves color consistency for fresh beef and pork while reducing color degradation
  • DuraShrink® provides a durable package resistant to impacts and abrasions, thus enhancing the product performance
  • Oxygen and water vapor barrier properties preserve product freshness and extend shelf-life
  • Excellent barrier performance is maintained even in wet conditions
  • Barrier properties remain intact throughout the shrink process assuring product freshness
  • These must be sealed in a chambered vacuum machine and then run through a heat tunnel or dip tank


  • 60 micron thickness
  • 1,000 bags per case
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