52 mm x 18 in Collagen Casings (Non-Edible)

  • 52 mm x 18 in Collagen Casings (Non-Edible)
  • A non-edible Collagen Casing
  • A 52 mm x 18 in non-edible Collagen Casing
  • A close up of a Collagen Casing
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52 mm x 18 in Collagen Casings


A great casing choice for salami, summer sausage, soppressata, and Euro-style sausages. These casings have about an 2 lb stuffing capacity. Excellent for curing, smoking or cooking many types of sausages. Collagen is a natural protein coated casing, so this casing will adhere very well to meat during and through the cooking and drying process They are inedible collagen casings and need to be prepared by the rule of 15, which is 15 minutes soaking, 15 degrees C (60 degree F) in a 15% salt solution.


  • 2 lb stuffing capacity
  • Sold in bundles of 25
  • These are casings with a 2.15" diameter
  • Great for salami, summer sausage and soppressata
  • Do not overstuff for best results.
  • Rule of 15: 15 minutes soaking, 15 degrees C (60 degree F) 15% salt solution
  • A replacement for natural beef middles
  • Non-edible collagen casings

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