Blue New Era Waltons Hat

  • Blue New Era Waltons Hat
  • Underside of the Blue New Era Waltons Hat
Shipping Weight:
1.00 LBS


New Era Blue Hat


Jump in on the fun and join a side, are you team Blue or team.....some other color that sort of rhymes with Door Hinge? It is just a fun competition that the guys started a few years ago on After you choose your hat go on over to to join Team Blue!


  • New Era Fitted
  • Available in M-L or L-XL for really big head
  • Blue under brim and accents

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What is Color War?

Years ago, when we first started doing Livestream, Austin complained that Jon bought some blue hats as they are not Walton's colors. Well, Blue and Orange complimentary colors but Austin might be color blind so who knows! Someone said they were team Blue and a years long VERY coolish war started. No harsh words have been passed let alone blows or bombs!

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