Walton's Wood Pellets - 2 lb

  • Walton's Wood Pellets (2 lbs.)
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3.00 LBS


Walton's Wood Pellets - 2 lb


2 lb bag of high quality wood pellets. Pure wood with no additives, binders, chemicals, or artificial flavorings. Perfect for any brand of wood pellet grill or smoker. Burn hotter and cleaner with wood pellets from Walton's.


  • 2 lb bag (40 lb bags also available)
  • Works with any brand of pellet grill or smoker
  • No additives, binder, chemicals, or artificial flavorings
  • Hot and clean burning producing very little ash
  • Some Oak is added to our pellets to increase the heat and performance of softer woods and to help deliver a more even and mellow yet still strong flavor
  • Through years of testing, we have found the perfect ratios of woods to deliver the best flavor and quality of burn compared with any other pellets on the market

Wood Flavors

  • Hickory wood pellets - 75% Hickory and 25% Oak wood
  • Mesquite wood pellets - 60% Mesquite and 40% Oak wood
  • Apple wood pellets - 50% Apple and 50% Oak wood
  • Pecan wood pellets - 75% Pecan and 25% Oak wood
  • Cherry wood pellets - 70% Cherry and 30% Oak wood

Why is Oak Blended with Flavor Woods?

Some wood flavors can be too strong and overpower the natural flavor of meat. Other flavors may burn at a lower temperature which requires a larger amount of wood pellets to be burned or may leave an excess amount of ash after burning. Walton's pellets contain a very high percentage of the actual flavored wood with just enough Oak to increase the grilling and smoking performance without sacrificing flavor of the flavor wood. Some companies can use as much as 80% Oak or Alder in conjunction with a flavor wood for their pellets, but we use just enough to maximize the smoking and grilling performance of the natural flavor wood to get a perfect flavor, increase heat production, and reduce ash to a minimal amount.


  • 2 lb bags
  • 3/8 in to 3/4 in lengths
  • Available in Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan, Cherry, Apple, or Osage Orange
  • 100% wood

What are Wood Pellets?

Wood pellets are made from 100% natural wood that is chipped, dried, and ground to a saw dust consistency and then formed by pressure and heat when forced through a pellet die. Absolutely no binders, chemicals, additives, or additional flavorings are added.

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