Walton's 12in Pro Vac Sealer

15.40 LBS
8.00 x 13.75 x 17.75 (in)

Product Description

12 in. Pro Vacuum Sealer


Walton's 12 in. Pro Vacuum Sealer is the perfect solution for food packaging & marinating meat, seafood, and more. It has stainless steel housing, a convenient heavy-duty handle with a Quick-start and Quick-seal button, a special wide seal for high-quality sealing, an adjustable seal and marinate time, and its high power capabilities ensure a very quick heating time (2-3 seconds)

Stainless steel housing:

Making this Vacuum Sealer durable, long-lasting, and reliable

Heavy-duty handle with a Quick-start and Quick-seal button:

This convenient handle with both buttons on it makes this Vacuum Sealer so quick & easy to operate that you can practically do it one-handed!

Special wide seal for high quality sealing:

This Vacuum Sealer has a 5mm seal wire, to get the best seal possible!

Adjustable seal & marinate time:

Marinating meat? Seafood? Simply need to package it? This can do it all!

High power capabilities ensure a very quick heating time:

Heats up in less than 4 seconds!


  • Stainless steel housing, makes the machine more durable, fashionable and quality.
  • Heavy-duty handle with Quick-start and Quick-seal button, convenient for operation.
  • Transparent PMMA lid for visible view inside the chamber during working.
  • Dual pump, high vacuum pressure.


  • Voltage: 110-120V~60HZ Power: 330W.
  • Pressure: -28.3"Hg/ -958mbar (directly in pump)
  • Big power, very short heating time (only 2-3 seconds).
  • Special wide seal wire (5mm) enables high quality sealing.

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