Treif Felix Dicer

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Treif Felix Dicer

Treif USA

This compact dicing and strip cutting machine opens up a broad spectrum of slicing and grating possibilities. The large chamber allows easy loading of most products without forcing you to precut your product.


  • The drive is synced automatically after the machine is turned on. As a result of the DHS (Dynamic Hydraulic System), the cut products stay fresh longer (the machine generates less heat, so there is less of a chance for bacteria to form).
  • The compact dicing and strip cutting machine opens up a broad spectrum of slicing and grating possibilities.
  • The spacious cutting chamber (96 x 96 x 300 mm / 3-4/5“ x 3-4/5“ x 11-4/5“, H x B x L) enables the product to be loaded easily without the inconvenience of pre-cutting.
  • Various products such as cheese, radishes, carrots, or coleslaw can be grated coarsely or finely.
  • The small distance between the blade and grid-set, the so-called “scissors’ cutting principle”, is one of the essential prerequisites for achieving excellent cutting results. So-called "goulash chains“ are prevented.
  • The unique dual-stroke, two-part grid system facilitates precise dicing and strip cutting of the most delicate products by providing twice the normal cutting length at reduced cutting pressure.
  • Wide range of application options
  • Inconvenient pre-cutting of the products is a thing of the past thanks to the spacious cutting chamber
  • Optimum product compression as a result of the automatic pre-compression system
  • The compact and space-saving design is perfectly suited for the needs of small businesses
  • Gentle cut of delicate products as a result of the dualstroke technology: It provides dual cutting lengths at a reduced cutting pressure.
  • The "click and go“ quick change gridset system ensures that the grids can be exchanged in a matter of seconds if they need to be replaced or cleaned.


  • Max. output t/h (Theoretical maximum value) 0.8; 1,764 lbs
  • Max. cut-off length (mm/inch) 0.5–32; 1/5“ - 1 3/10“
  • Length / Width / Height (mm/inch) 909 / 748 / 1,050; 35 4/5“ / 24 1/2“ / 41 3/10“
  • Connecting load (kW) 1.0
  • Gridsets (mm/inch) 4/5/6/8/10/12/14/16/20/24/32/48/96; 1/5“; 1/4“; 3/10“;2/5“; 1/2“; 3/5“; 4/5“;9/10“; 11/4“; 14/5“; 34/5“
  • Weight (kg/lb) approx. 173 / 381

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