Torsado Stuffer/Linker 1PH

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Shipping Weight:
838.00 LBS


Torsado Stuffer/Linker

Made entirely from stainless steel, this is a commercial hydraulic stuffer with a 60 lb capacity that is powerful enough to run a portioner and linker. It comes with 14, 16, 20, 30mm stuffing tubes, guide arm, pistons, and tactile screen.


  • Entirely in stainless steel 18-10 including lid, piston, accessories
  • Piston in polyethylene
  • Tactil screen
  • Closed hydraulic circuit with tank
  • Delivered with nozzles 14 - 16 - 20 - 30
  • Portioner very precise
  • Weight of portions


  • Maximum debit 260 portions/mn
  • Programming
  • Dosage and calibration Time between each portions
  • Complies with CE norms
  • Torsado Stuffer/Linker also available

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