Talsa K50 Bowl Chopper

  • Talsa K50 Bowl Chopper
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K50 Bowl Chopper


The Talsa K50 Bowl Chopper allows you to chop and cut batches from 15 up to 82 lbs. of meat at a time! The heavy-duty 22.5 HP motor gives you the ability to process compact or even solid frozen meat and you can set your knife speed from 1000-4000 rpm while the bowl can spin between 6-18 rpm. All external surfaces are AISI304 stainless steel and it is polished smooth with no sharp corners. The bearings are maintenance-free with a 2-year guarantee. It has a temperature sensor for precise temperature measurements when processing.


  • All stainless steel AISI304 external
  • Solid bowl made of robust s/s cast, with liquid drain plug
  • Powerful motors to process the most compact and even solid frozen meat
  • High energy efficiency class IE3 globally with high performance ABB motors plus drives
  • Control panel with 7” digital touch screen and 6 membrane pushbuttons
  • Variable Cutting Speeds from 1000 - 4000 RPM
  • 4 programmable knife speeds and 4 bowl speeds programmable from 6 to 18 rpm.
  • Slow mixing speed variable from 50 to 200 rpm
  • Forward & reverse, 4 programmable speeds and 2 programmable mixing bowl speeds from 6-10 rpm
  • Smooth starts and stops of knives and bowl due to new generation drives
  • Automatic electronic knife safety stop
  • Thermal protection of motors
  • Maintenance-free bearings, 2 years guaranteed
  • Hygienic labyrinth in the knife head to prevent entry of dough in the shaft/bearings
  • Removable 6 knife head and compensation rings for use with 3 knives
  • High quality BE-GW Steffens(Germany) knives, adjustable to minimum distance to bowl
  • Motorized stainless steel knife lid for effortless lifting and lowering
  • Optimized cavity design of the s/s lid
  • Temperature sensor ºC/ºF located in the cavity of lid for precise temperature measurement of the dough in friction
  • Polished Surfaces without corners
  • Removable friction lid/bowl band
  • Adjustable NGI (Denmark) feet,non-slip and vibration absorbing
  • Bottom of machine closed
  • IP65 watertight electric cabinets
  • Electric device to prevent condensations inside frame


  • Standard voltage 460/480V
  • Bowl Volume - 13 gallons(50liters)
  • Bowl Capacity - 33-132 lbs
  • Power - 25.5 HP/25 kW
  • Knife Speed rpm - 1000-4000 rpm(variable)
  • Knife Linear Speed - 75 m/s


  • Option PP PowerPlus extra-power
  • Unloader extracting arm with motorized disk (K80)
  • Additional 3 or 6 knife heads
  • Special form knives
  • Special voltages (price supplement) 208/220V or 600V
  • Talsa K80 Bowl Chopper also available

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