PK-TX Grill - Matte Red

55.00 LBS

Product Description

PK-TX Grill Matte Red

PK Grills

The PK-TX grill is a portable charcoal grill that also works as an excellent smoker. The unit includes a stand that will fold down and make it easy to bring with you on camping trips, cookouts, or just move it around your background. It has over 300 square inches of cooking space, 4 vents for perfect airflow, built from cast aluminum for a rust-proof long life, The stand it comes with folds down easily and also has a side shelf for convenience! Easily portable, this is perfect for hunting or fishing trips!


  • Folding stand has wheels on it
  • Rust proof aluminum construction
  • Side Shelf
  • 4 vents


  • 26" L x 15" W
  • Grilling Area 310 sq"

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