PK 360 Grill - Graphite

107.00 LBS

Product Description

PK 360 Grill - Graphite

PK Grills

All the benefits of the Original PK Grills but with more cooking surface area, PK Grills make some of the best combination grill smoker around. Made from cast aluminum they allow you to easily set and maintain the temperature of your grill, giving you the ability to smoke large cuts like pork butts or grill burgers and hotdogs with ease. The aluminum is a great conductor of heat and along with the unique shape and 4 vents, it makes it easy to get the smoker up to temperature quickly and then maintain that temperature easily. Easily portable, this is perfect for hunting or fishing trips!


  • Perfect for 2 zone cooking
  • Unique shape and 4 vents for easy temperature control
  • Rust proof aluminum
  • Portable


  • 42.9" H x 54" W x 26.9" D
  • Grilling Area 360 sq"

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