PK 100 Pro Smoker Smokehouse

  • PK 100 Pro Smoker Smokehouse
  • Inside the PK 100 Pro Smoker Smokehouse
  • Close-up view inside the PK 100 Pro Smoker Smokehouse
  • Side-by-side open and closed view of the PK 100 Pro Smoker Smokehouse
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Shipping Weight:
170.00 LBS
Ship Dims:
24.00 x 48.00 x 24.00 (in)
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Model PK 100 Pro Smoker Smokehouse - Stainless Steel

Pro Smoker

The last smoker you will ever need to buy! The Model PK 100 Pro Smoker Smokehouse produces mouth-watering results every time. Made with the same high-quality craftsmanship and technology that is put into the high-end Pro Smoker commercial smokehouses, but in a smaller convenient size that can fit in your home. This complete stainless steel electric smoker is built for durability. Easy and automatic digital temperature control makes smoking meats easy and allows you to produce a mouth-watering product every time!


  • All stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Automatic digital LED temperature control
  • 60° to 250° temperature control
  • Smoke up to 100 lb of summer sausage at once
  • Insulated with 1 in high density and high-temp insulation
  • 18 gauge stainless steel interior
  • Complete step by step instruction book and recipe guide
  • Includes 5 product screens
  • Includes smoking pan
  • Only use sawdust in smoking pan.
  • Do not use pellets or chips. Pellets and chips require a direct heat source for ignition and a continuous air supply to keep smoldering. Using pellets can cause a buildup and sudden flare up and dramatic expansion, which can be dangerous.
  • Buy approved sawdust and wood chips: Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Premium Smoking Chips - Extra Fine
  • 2-Year - limited warranty


  • 304 food grade stainless steel
  • 18 gauge stainless steel
  • NSF-Certified
  • MET-Listed
  • 120 volt single phase
  • 1250 watts
  • 10 amps
  • Exterior dimensions - 48" H x 21" W x 21" D
  • Includes 4 - 4in casters
  • Shipping weight - 170 lb


  • 100 lb summer sausage
  • 50 lb ring bologna
  • 50 lb ham
  • 25 lb snack sticks
  • 25 lb smoked sausage
  • 25 lb hot dogs
  • 25 lb bacon

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