GrillEye Smart Bluetooth Thermometer

  • GrillEye Smart Bluetooth Thermometer and 2 probes
  • GrillEye Smart Bluetooth Thermometer and two probes in use measuring meat on a grill
  • The stand/back of a GrillEye Smart Bluetooth Thermometer
  • GrillEye Smart Bluetooth Thermometer and 4 probes
  • Front view of a GrillEye Smart Bluetooth Thermometer and 4 probes
  • GrillEye Smart Bluetooth Thermometer
  • Close-up of the front of a GrillEye Smart Bluetooth Thermometer
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GrillEye® Smart Bluetooth Thermometer


Wirelessly monitor up to 6 live temperatures on your grill, smoker, or meats from your smartphone with the GrillEye® Smart Bluetooth Thermometer from up to 300 feet away. The most user-friendly wireless thermometer to make grilling and smoking fun and easy. Presets for suggested meat cooking temperatures are setup but customizable and new presets can be added and saved. Set alarms for when your food or meat reaches its target internal temperature, plus view the current temperature easily from your phone. Up to 6 probes can be used (2 included) and the same probes can be used for ambient temps or as a probe for internal temps. All probes are FDA approved for the safe use with food.


  • Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer
  • Up to 6 temperature probes (2 included)
  • Receive alerts when food is ready
  • Programable alert temperatures and timers
  • 300 foot range
  • Dual temperature display - displays current temp and target temp
  • 2 in 1 temperature probes - Pro-grade meat thermometer probes suitable for both ambient temps and internal temps
  • FDA approved meat probes - GrillEye® probes are the 1st worldwide to be certified to be safe for use with food by the FDA
  • 6 available ports - track up to 6 different temperatures simultaneously
  • Set custom or preset temperatures, alarms, and timers for each port
  • Track and graph temperatures as you cook to monitor progress
  • Receive alerts if your phone disconnects from the GrillEye® device
  • Android and iOS apps - user friendly and easy to use interface


  • Elegant and rugged design designed to withstand the tough conditions of grilling and smoking
  • Anti-glare screen made from a special coated polymer to keep the device lightweight and reflect sunlight in a way to easily read temps
  • Dual temperature display for every probe to see current and target temps without a smartphone
  • Space-grade aluminum and adjustable stand to optimize the device's postion for any viewing angle
  • 300 feet long-range Bluetooth that guarentees a long-range and hassle-free grilling and smoking experience
  • FDA approved - the first probe to receive FDA approval to be safe for food use
  • 2 AA batteries included


  • 1 - GrillEye® Smart Grilling and Smoking Device
  • 2 - GrillEye® Meat AND Ambient Temperature Probes
  • 2 - Clips for Ambient Temperature Readings
  • 1 - User Manual
  • 2 - AA Batteries

Phone Compatibility:

  • Requires GrillEye® app
  • Compatible with Android phones with Bluetooth 4.0 and running 4.3 or later
  • Please check the compatible Android devices list here
  • Compatible with iOS and Apple devices
  • iPad Mini or iPad3 and newer
  • iPhone 4S and newer
  • iPod Touch 5th Gen and newer

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What is Instant Lethality?

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