GrillEye Max

  • GrillEye Max
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GrillEye Max

GrillEye® Max is the first instant, ultra-precise smart thermometer for your grill or smoker that notifies you when your food is ready, wherever you are! It totally unchains you from the pit and gives you perfect results every time. Enjoy accuracy of ±0.1°C / 0.18°F from just 2 seconds and prepare the best food for your family and friends, without losing a moment with them!


  • Cloud connectivity
  • Temperature accuracy up to 3 decimal points
  • The only probes worldwide certified for accuracy by professional laboratories (and FDA-Approved)
  • Quick temperature readout faster than instant read thermometers
  • Longer battery life
  • More Alert options
  • Updated App

What is Instant Lethality?

Instant Lethality is the temperature at which all bacteria and microorganisms that we worry about in meat processing will instantly be killed. For beef and pork sausage this is 160°F and for poultry it is 165°F. This applies to whole muscle for beef and pork, you can cook whole muscle cuts of those proteins to far lower temperatures because very little if any, bacteria lives on the inside of the muscle, only on the outside of the product. This means that cooking the internal temperature to 130° means that the outside of the meat has almost certainly been cooked past the point of instant lethality.

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