Butcher Aide S16

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Butcher Aide S16 Saw

Butcher Aide

With 16" wheels and a 3 HP motor, this is a perfect table saw for the medium-sized processor who wants quick, clean cuts and easy cleanup! The Butcher Aide S16 comes with 4 free 112" blades that can easily be replaced without having to remove the rear table. The 3 HP (TEFC) motor is totally enclosed and fan-cooled for longevity. The Head, Base, Doors, Wheels, Tables, Thickness Gauge, Upper/Lower-Blade Guides, Table Blade Guide, Bearing Case, Scraper Mounts, Spring Assy, Legs are all 304 stainless steel


  • Totally enclosed motor for washdown cleaning
  • All stainless steel bearing case, upper/lower guide, table guide and body
  • Includes the Master Power Control Box
  • 4,068 feet per minute blade speed
  • Thermal Overload/Under Protection
  • UL and/or ETL, CSA Certified


  • Front Wheel Diameter: 16"
  • Rear Wheel Diameter: 16"
  • Weight: 551
  • Motor Power: 3 hp
  • Electrical 3ph 220V
  • Dimensions:46" wide 36.5" deep 77.3" high

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