5 Minute Marinator 6 x 9

  • 5 Minute Marinator (6" x 9")
  • 5-Minute Marinator
  • Meat Marinator
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5 Minute Marinator 6 x 9


This 5 Minute Marinator is an airtight container with a hand pump and a convenient tray construction that gives you all the benefits of vacuum marinating without having to buy a vacuum sealer! The hand pump removes air in less than a minute, and being under a vacuum helps pull the meat fibers further apart, meaning that the marinade or seasoning will penetrate in as little as 5 minutes! Marinate on the way to the grill instead of overnight!


  • Made in U.S.A; manufactured of FDA approved materials; No BPA
  • Securely store raw food / pre-cooked juices and marinade eliminating cross contamination potential
  • Exclusive dual purpose PlatterCover™ design that provides an ideal sanitary surface and eliminates the need for multiple platters


  • 6 x 9in container
  • 3 lb

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